Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Lawmakers Lead by Example in the Fight Against the Flu

Rep. Morikawa and Vice Speaker Mizuno at Capitol Flu Shot Day
This year's influenza virus has had a devastating impact on the continental United States and is starting to appear in Hawaii. Tourism and military traffic increase our vulnerability to the spread of infectious disease and we must do everything we can to prevent the flu epidemic from reaching full force in Hawaii.

Kaiser Permanente, HMSA, and CVS-Longs helped make the day possible

The tragic death of four-year-old Jianna Cabasag on Sunday afternoon marks the first flu related death in the state this year. Young children like Jianna and our kupuna are especially susceptible to catching and suffering severe complications from the flu. It's imperative that we be proactive to prevent any more unnecessary deaths.

Vice Speaker John Mizuno, Rep. Dee Morikawa, and Senate President Donna Mercado Kim have already taken action to curb the spread of this particularly viral and deadly strain of influenza. They coordinated with HMSA, CVS-Longs, and Kaiser Permanente to provide flu vaccinations for their working members at the State Capitol earlier today.

Vice Speaker Mizuno receiving his flu shot.

"We are urging other organizations to collaborate with their healthcare providers to follow our lead and set up a flu shot day at their workplace. Individuals should contact their providers as well and get inoculated. The flu season is in full swing and it's not too late to protect yourself and your family," said Vice Speaker Mizuno.

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