Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tis the Season to be on Facebook

 Each year the creative elves in the House Chief Clerk's Office put on display a themed Christmas tree for everyone to enjoy. This year they're going big. World Wide Web big. The elves want their Christmas tree to go viral. Let's help them out!

Go down to the parlor area of the House Chief Clerk's office in the Chamber and help our friendly elves make their Facebook-themed Christmas tree (Mr. Tree from here on out) go viral by signing your name on a "like" ornament and hanging it on Mr. Tree.

Also, check in with Mr. Tree throughout the week as he may just have a new status update to share with everyone. (You'll find the timeline of status updates near the "like" ornaments on the table)

This was yesterday's update. Mr. Tree sure looked thirsty.

And this is today's status update from Mr. Tree.

We at the House of Representatives are so lucky to have our friendly elves in the Chief Clerk's Office who every year put up an amazing tree for all of us to enjoy. The word in elf town is that Neal was responsible for getting the perfect tree, and that Denise and Tammy came up with the theme and decorations. Show your mahalo by liking Mr. Tree in person or on the House of Representatives Facebook page!

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