Friday, June 8, 2012

Menehune Makeover

The Menehune Market in Kapahi, Kauai used to have large promotional displays of alcohol products around its storefront.  It wasn't a very healthy atmosphere for young kids and families.  Thanks to the artistic vision and hard work of some Kapaa Middle School and Kapaa High School students, the Menehune Market got an amazing makeover and now has a gorgeous, colorful mural on their outside walls.

As part of a Drug Free Awareness project, the kids altered their community environment to make it more family-friendly.  They were supported by the County of Kauai, Life's Choices, Senator Ron Kouchi, Rep. Derek Kawakami, and Kauai Councilmembers Jay Furfaro and Mel Rapozo.

"This is their place, and we just gotta keep it safe for them," said Rep. Kawakami, who goes on to explain the importance of the project for the residents of Kapahi and Kapaa:

Great job, Kapaa!

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