Friday, April 27, 2012

Finance Committee Puts Its Money Where Its Mouth Is

Earlier today, the House Committee on Finance presented an over-sized check of 47,300 cents to the Hawaii Foodbank. The nearly fifty-thousand pennies came from representatives who participated in the fundraiser that charged 50 cents for each question asked during committee hearings. Non-finance committee members who asked questions during hearings could also participate, but they were required to pay an additional $5 sitting fee.

Rep. Gene Ward took the top spot, asking 122 questions during hearings for a total of 6100 cents. Rep. Sharon Har came in second place with a donation of 4300 cents. Speaker Calvin Say, who does not sit on the committee, still managed to give a respectable 1450 cents.

The Committee on Finance's creative side was displayed early this session in their FINe Art competition at Art at the Capitol. The same artistic genius came out in the design of the check to the Foodbank. The logos (and interest rates) for all of the financial institutions that the state holds accounts in were displayed on the background of the check. The attention to detail even made its way to the account number -located in the lower left-hand corner- which is Chair Oshiro's office number.

This was a fun and creative way to support a great cause in the Hawaii Foodbank. We're looking forward to seeing what FIN has in store for us next session!

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