Friday, April 13, 2012

2nd Annual Dialogue and Friendship Dinner

MC Rep. Awana delivering the opening remarks.
Last night, the House Committee on International Affairs, in cooperation with Governor Neil Abercrombie and the Pacifica Institute, hosted the 2nd Annual Dialogue and Friendship Dinner at Washington Place. These gatherings are organized to facilitate positive interactions between cultural and religious leaders, scholars, activists, artists, and elected officials.

Attendees joining hands for a pule before dinner.
The Pacifica Institute, established in 2003 as a nonprofit organization by a group of Turkish-Americans, designs and executes projects covering social welfare, education, poverty, and conflict resolution issues. Pacifica Institute works to build positive connections between communities in order to achieve mutual understanding and commitment for cross-cultural awareness and the good of society.

Governor Abercrombie was given a beautiful Turkish calligraphy from the Pacifica Institute.
"Events like these create a positive environment for the dialogue necessary to achieve a genuine understanding and cooperation between people from different backgrounds and cultures," said Rep. Karen Awana, Chair of the House Committee on International Affairs. "Hawaii's melting pot makes us an ideal location to gather for these occasions." 

Rep. Awana receiving a token of appreciation for making the event possible.

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