Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Outdoor Circle Celebrates 100th Anniversary

Lawmakers planting an ohia lehua tree
Being "green" has become popular as of late, but it isn't new to Hawai'i. Today, the House helped The Outdoor Circle celebrate its 100th anniversary. The festivities included planting a native ohia lehua tree at the Capitol and honoring the Circle on the House floor.

Lawmakers and members of The Outdoor Circle with the newly planted ohia lehua
The Outdoor Circle is an organization dedicated to keeping Hawaii clean, green, and beautiful by preserving and protecting the environment. They accomplish this goal by planting trees, fighting poor land use planning, and ensuring that Hawaii remains free of billboards. Throughout their century of work, the organization has planted over a quarter of a million trees and successfully lobbied for the passage of many pieces of legislation designed to preserve the beauty of the islands.

Diane Anderson and Susan Spangler of The Outdoor Circle with Majority Leader Chong
"While other cities are plastered with billboards, Honolulu's streets are green with trees because of a century of work by The Outdoor Circle," said Rep. Chris Lee.

Joel Kurokawa, Bob Loy, Betsy Connors, Rep. Chris Lee, Diane Anderson, Susan Spangler, and Rep. Cindy Evans
"Locals and tourists alike continue to appreciate how green Honolulu has become," said Rep. K. Mark Takai. "The Outdoor Circle has kept Hawaii a beautiful place to both live and visit."

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