Thursday, March 8, 2012

A lesson in lawmaking

Today, Rep. Joey Manahan, Rep. John Mizuno, and Sen. Suzanne Chun Oakland held a mock hearing/ floor session with 9th graders from Farrington High School. The students were able to testify in support or opposition of a few selected measures, including a measure introduced last year that would mandate minors age 15-17 be tried as adults in cases of first degree murder. The students seemed to be split on the proposed  bill. Some said that these minors should already know the difference between right and wrong and understand the consequences of their actions and therefore be tried as an adult, while others said that at age 15 you’re still a child. As part of a field trip to learn about the legislative process and the work that lawmakers do each day, the Farrington students took a tour of the Capitol building and were able to meet and talk with their district legislators.

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