Wednesday, March 28, 2012

2012 Hawaii Medal of Honor

Speaker Say delivers the opening address
This was the seventh year that the House and Senate convened in a joint session, along with the Governor, to award the Hawaii Medal of Honor to families of service members with Hawaiian ties who lost their lives overseas. Twenty-four Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines were honored in this year's ceremony. Their names are listed below in order by date of death:

United States Army Corporal Andrew C. Wilfahrt
United States Army Staff Sergeant Mark C. Wells
United States Army Sergeant Kevin W. White
United States Army Private First Class Thomas C. Allers
United States Army Specialist William S. Blevins
United States Army Private First Class Andrew M. Krippner
United States Army Staff Sergeant Kristofferson B. Lorenzo
United States Marine Corps Private First Class Josue Ibarra
United States Army Private First Class Joshua L. Jetton
United States Army Specialist Levi E. Nuncio
United States Army First Lieutenant Dimitri A. Del Castillo
United States Army Staff Sergeant Nigel D. Kelly
United States Army Specialist Kevin J. Hilaman
United States Marine Corps Lance Corporal Christopher L. Camero
United States Army Staff Sergeant James M. Christen
United States Army Sergeant Jacob Molina
United States Army Sergeant William B. Gross Paniagua
United States Navy Senior Chief Petty Officer Kraig M. Vickers
United States Marine Corps Corporal Nicholas S. Ott
United States Army Sergeant First Class Houston M. Taylor
United States Army Staff Sergeant Christopher R. Newman
United States Army Sergeant Christopher L. Muniz
United States Army Specialist Ronald Wildrick
United States Army Staff Sergeant Joseph J. Altmann

"The sacrifices of these brave warriors will forever set the strength and fire of future generations and their loyalty and dedication will always be engraved in our hearts and mind," said Rep. Henry Aquino, Chair of the House Committee on Public Safety and Military Affairs. 

It was a somber afternoon, where state leaders, military members, and loved ones gathered together to honor the brave servicemen who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

The Air Force Honor Guard finished the ceremony with a three-volley salute 

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