Thursday, January 19, 2012

Paulette Abe: Green Champion

The House Green Champion Team (Brandon, Paulette, and Merissa)

The January/February issue of the iConserve Energy Initiative's Green Champion Newsletter spotlights Chamber Coordinator Paulette Abe of the House Sergeant-at-Arms Office as a Green Champion. The iConserve Energy Initiative is a program developed by the State Energy Office, Department of Accounting and General Services, and NORESCO that encourages state employees to take energy saving measures at work to lower the overall energy consumption of the building.

In a fashion that is typical of her 26 years of service to the State of Hawai'i, Paulette credits her accomplishments to the House Green Champion Team. Merissa Sakuda of Rep. Denny Coffman's office and Brandon Masuoka of the House Majority Staff Office helped Paulette save thousands of taxpayer dollars by making the Capitol greener.

Selfless service and being a team player reflect the values Paulette learned from her parents and grandmother while growing up in Makaha. They also taught her the importance of energy conservation and stewardship for the land. Paulette reflects on her childhood, "We were taught at an early age to always pick up after yourself and take your opala leaving a place better than you found it."

Paulette's passion for the environment and the state of Hawai'i inspire everyone who comes into contact with this amazing woman. She has certainly made the Capitol a better place than it was when she found it. Mahalo nui loa Paulette.

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