Thursday, October 27, 2011

Capitol Ghost Stories 2011 - The Creepy Restroom

It's been a couple of years since I've been able to report a new Capitol ghost story. Most of them are legendary dating back from the construction of the capitol building. This year, as usual, I put out the call for any new stories, and I was thrilled, or should I say chilled, to receive several, but all having to do with the same location.

Here's what one person, a female office manager, wrote:

"Have you heard anything about the women's bathroom on the Chamber level? I was working late one night, and no one else was around. On the way home, I stopped and went into the women's bathroom before going to the parking lot.

I went into the first stall. About 30 seconds later I heard the hand blow dryer go on. Normally, it doesn't bother me when those things go off because they can be sensitive and turn on when someone is walking past them. But, I didn't pass the dryer and they are situated way over on the other side from the first stall, near the sinks. I got a little nervous, but tried to shrug it off.

When I went to wash my hands, I didn't want to look in the mirror. Suddenly, all the hair on my arms, legs and head started to tingle and felt like they were all standing up. I left the bathroom and hurried to the parking lot, praying that nothing was following me. I have never gone in there again, and whenever I pass it, I walk very fast."

A second female office manager told a similar story:

"Late one night I was heading home and stopped in the women's restroom on the Chamber level. All of a sudden I heard the water faucet go on. I thought it was odd because no one else was in the restroom and I didn't hear any footsteps. "

When I mentioned on Twitter that I was hearing creepy stories about that particular women's restroom, I immediately got some feedback. Such as:

"I am not surprised that you heard of creepy chamber level women's restroom stories. Sometimes I swore someone was there."

"When I was a leg. aide, I distinctly remember the bathrooms being pretty creepy. Ha ha."

And finally, this comment: "No story, but I always had the same creepy feeling."

I checked it out the other day, and I found the restroom to be clean, well-maintained, and well-lit. Of course, it was mid-afternoon and not past the witching hour. If you want to check it out yourself, the "creepy" restroom is on the mauka/ewa side of the building on the Chamber (bottom) level of the Hawaii State Capitol. Let us know if you have your own experience to share. Oops, I guess you can't do that if you're a guy. Here's a video of my visit:


Unknown said...

I worked in the Capitol during the Lingle Aiona administration and I used the lower chamber womens restroom many many times early and late night and always felt something eery about it. The story is that a homeless lady used it to wash up everyday, I had even run into her a few times and then again on fort street mall during my lunches. she passed shortly after that and that bathroom was her only shelter and comfort. I think it's her.

RoseAllen@ Hawaii Wedding said...

WOW! Very very creepy. Was there any history on your building of someone being killed or killed herself or if not the place itself just had past bad history. I guess this are what I usually see as reasons for this kind of spookyness.