Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Charter School Task Force

co-chairs of the Charter School Governance, Accountability and Authority Task Force.

The Task Force holds its second meeting Wednesday, August 10, 2011 at 10:00 a.m. Meeting notice here. Capitol TV will also be there and you can watch it live on Olelo, Channel 53. Here is some general information which can also be found on the Capitol website link:

Task Force members are:

Robert Campbell
Tammi Chun
Don Horner
Megan McCorriston
Robert McKeague
Lisa Okinaga
Steve Sullivan
Ruth Tschumy
Gene Zarro

Establishing legislation: Act 130/SLH2011. Requires charter school budget requests for needs-based facilities funding to include a detailed explanation as to the formula used and the funding request breakdown by school. Allows charter schools to appeal denied reauthorizations to BOE. Requires charter schools and their local school boards to develop internal policies and procedures consistent with ethical standards of conduct. Requires the charter school review panel to conduct a multi-year evaluation of each charter school every six years, instead of every five. Establishes a task force to address issues on charter school governance, accountability, and authority. (CD1)

Task Force Objectives:

1) Develop legislation or administrative rules that clearly and definitively designate the
governance structure and authority between and among key charter school organizations and
the department of education, the board of education, and the office of the governor;
2) Identify how the governance structure connects and relates to the state education agency
and local education agency;
3) Identify oversight and monitoring responsibilities of the charter school review panel, the
charter school administrative office, and the local school boards and develop a process for
enforcement; and
4) Discuss funding-related issues, including but not limited to appropriate funding levels for the
charter school administrative office.

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