Monday, June 27, 2011

The Veto List 2011

Governor Abercrombie released a list of 23 bills that he intends to veto. The veto deadline is July 12, 2011. On the list are:

SB23 Relating to Native Hawaiians (Aha Kiole Advisory Council)

SB1493 Relating to Light Pollution (Requires fully shielded outdoor light fixtures by July 1, 2013)

SB1417 Relating to the State Rehabilitation Council (Minimum number of members for quorum)

SB40 Relating to Pseudoephedrine (Tracking system for sale of products that contain pseudoephdrine)

HB56 Relating to Child Visitation (Grandparent visitation)

SB44 Relating to Public Safety (Inmate rehabilitation and re-entry)

HB318 Relating to Vog (Interagency task force)

SB217 Relating to Limitation of Actions (Statute of limitations, sexual offenses against minors)

HB545 Relating to Voter Registration (Online Voter Registration)

HB1405 Relating to Planning (Greenways and trails)

HB667 Relating to Food Safety (Food safety and security program within DOA)

SB1511 Relating to Aquaculture (Increases maximum lease terms)

HB680 Relating to Kakaako (Kakaako Makai Community Planning Advisory Council, Repeal)

HB1520 Relating to Renewable Energy (PUC, On-bill financing)

HB1134 Relating to Prepaid Health Care Repeals Part V of Hawaii Prepaid Health Care Act and Act 99 SLH 1994)

HB1164 Relating to Public Lands (Allows sale of Sand Island parcels to leaseholders)

HB1230 Relating to Building Permits (Exempts construction for certain non-residential structures)

HB1505 Relating to State Facilities (State renovation public-private partnership)

SB49 Relating to Correctional Facilities (Deaths, reporting requirements)

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