Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hanafuda Renaissance

Rep. Marilyn Lee with guests June and Bob Asato

Kukui Connection airs on Olelo, Ch. 54 at 4:00 p.m. Sundays. This episode will air on June 26th, and repeats on July 3rd and July 10th.

On the next episode of Kukui Connection, the public affairs series hosted by Rep. Marilyn Lee, Rep. Lee talks with Mililani residents June and Bob Asato on the renaissance of the ancient Japanese card game, Hanafuda. The Asato's are part of a volunteer group who educate and spread the word about the joys and benefits of playing Hanafuda. The group has also produced a new deck version of Hanafuda cards called Hanafuda Hawaii Style.

Learn more about the cards and where to get them on the Hanafuda Hawaii Style website.

Hanafuda literally means "flower cards." Many different games may be played with the cards, including several versions of solitaire. The history of the cards dates back to the early 1600's (Edo Period) and the artwork on the cards contains symbolism relating to the culture, calendar and natural history of Japan.

The Asato's are so passionate about Hanafuda because they see the cards as a way to bring generations together in playing this game of luck and skill. They also see it as a beneficial and enjoyable past-time for the elderly population.

Interestingly, the first company to mass produce Hanafuda cards is Nintendo.

Upcoming is a Hanafuda Tournament on Saturday, July 23, 2011 at Mililani Hongwanji. The proceeds of the tournament will benefit Mililani Project Grad 2012. Find out more on the Hanafuda Hawaii Style website.