Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Making Of… The 2011 Staff Picture

Submitted by the Office of Rep. Tom Brower

When not working, Representative Tom Brower’s favorite hobbies at the Capitol are art, poetry and songwriting. He is also an avid photographer.

This photo is one of several outtakes he took for the 2011 House staff directory. In order to save taxpayer money, Rep. Brower tries not to hire too many session staff (among other cost-saving practices).

For the backdrop, Rep. Brower brought his favorite checkerboard sheet (bought from a local thrift store).
Practical props are also famous fixtures in his office: his muse, Attila, a gnome stool by Kartell, is also the office butler. The gunmetal gray Marais A chair by Tolix is based on designs from WWII French cafes. The charcoal portrait was given to him by a freestyle artist in the building.

Committee Clerk Lauren is standing on her head (maybe) next to Office Manager Cynthia (also the staff curator).

"We are proud to be in Office and work to keep it clean and colorful (like the Representative)," said Rep. Brower. “Studio 315” has a motif of bold and intense design and art. Vibrant hues sprawl the office showcasing a montage of works that range from photography, wall art, origami and furniture.

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