Monday, March 28, 2011

"Info Brief Your Ego"?

Rep. Tom Brower gave the invocation before session today. While some may have been expecting a rap, Brower explained to members that he has reinvented himself.

That's right, the Tominator, as he calls himself, has gone from Street Rapper to Singer-Songwriter to American Poet.

“This one is more philosophical, the 'Sergeant Pepper' of my invocations, or at least the White album,” said Brower.

"Info Brief Your Ego"?
This year's issues, the laughter, the tissues,
The civil unions, homeless solutions,
Animal abusers, winners and losers.
A financial depression begs the question:
Legislator, are you doing all you could this session?
Are you politicking? Or really giving?
Standing for something? Or just chest-thumping?
When others look bad, do you feel glad?
A hearing— to defer a bill? Rally the public for shock value thrill.
Is your "Change we can believe in" for a purpose?
Or an attention grabber? Just scratch the surface.
Being effective isn’t just [about] winning elections.
We are friends but let's not pretend
That the fishbowl we live in doesn't invite egotism.
Pettiness isn't pretty and real work isn't easy.
As a body, we are only as effective as people think,
Only as strong as our weakest link.
From Politician to Statesman… The realization you find:
It's sad to do the right thing, and thankless at times.
Together, if we want what's right, let's correct what's wrong, stand to fight,
sing our song.
Rise above for insight, wisdom and love.
Overcome the mud on our shoes. Do it for the right reason.
We may not win big, but we won't lose.
Because the real goal, isn't the voter poll. It's to humble yourself and save your soul.

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