Thursday, February 3, 2011

Field Trip

Last Saturday, Rep. Tom Brower participated in a Leeward Oahu Field Trip hosted by the Nature Conservancy. As a 28-year Waikiki resident, Rep. Brower does not travel to the leeward side as much as he would like.

The day started with a morning tour of the Hale Wai Vista Affordable Rental Project in Wai'anae. The complex consists of 83 two- and three-bedroom units for families earning up to 30 percent and 50 percent of the HUD area median income. A typical family of four earns between $28,550 and $47,550. Hawaii Housing Finance and Development Corporation (HHFDC), a non-profit entity which specializes in the development of affordable rental housing, developed and owns the project. The project was financed through various private and government sources including $5,500,000 from the Rental Housing Trust Fund, which is funded through conveyance tax collections and legislative appropriations.

The group then visited MA'O Organic Farms in Wai'anae and took a guided tour with Kamuela Enos, the MAO Farms' Education Resource Specialist. As a returning member of the Agriculture Committee, Rep. Brower appreciated the farms' contributions to the State: fresh fruits and vegetables (pesticides are not used), high school students working there as part of MA'O's High School Internship in Organic Agriculture and Food Systems and, of course, its commitment to food security and preserving Hawaiian culture.

Finally, spent the rest of the day hiking to Ka'ena Point, a natural area reserve, where Rep. Brower got a scenic photo of albatross sea birds.

In photo from left to right is Rep. Tom Brower; Emma Yuen, DLNR’s Natural Area Reserves System; guest Betty Lou Larson; and Mark Fox, The Nature Conservancy.

Written and submitted by Cynthia Nyross, Office Manager to Rep. Tom Brower
Photos courtesy of Cynthia Nyross and Rep. Tom Brower


Anonymous said...

Betty Lou Larson is not just a "guest." She is a HHFDC board member.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, you're on the same island for heaven's sake! Get out of your shell! See how real people especially Hawaiians are struggling on this side of the island.

Anonymous said...

Wow to live in Honolulu for so long and to be a legislator for the State of Hawaii and you rarely get to the Westside shame on you maybe you shouldn't be so proud of driving only 70k miles in the last 15 years. The leeward coast has so much to protect & treasure I hope you have gotten a better view of the community and it will remain in your thoughts in making legislative decisions. Not like the City Council and allowing the exemption for placing Hale Wai Vista on one of the last BMX lots within the Waianae coast against the community's strong opposition.