Thursday, January 20, 2011

SNAPSHOTS: Beards Appeared and Artistry

Rep. Tom Brower with Governor Neil Abercrombie on Opening Day of the 26th Legislature.

Visitors on Opening Day admired the artwork, created by Rep. Brower, on his office walls.

• On the left wall is his “things that fly” decals, which include birds, insects and fairies.
• The center wall features Piet Mondrian’s “Composition 2” from 1930, a piece that helped popularize the neoplasticism (De Stijl) movement. Art from this movement is characterized by the use of (only) primary colors and values, and straight (horizontal and vertical lines) and rectangular forms, avoiding symmetry. Supposedly, Mondrian designed this piece with the Golden Ratio in mind. A few visitors got their picture taken in front of it.
• The right wall features Verner Panton’s well-known black/white piece, “Geometri,” of 1960.

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