Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rep. Marilyn Lee to Head National Women's Legislative Network

Rep. Marilyn Lee speaks on the House chamber floor on Sine Die 2010

State Rep. Marilyn Lee has been named President-elect of the Women's Legislative Network at the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL).

According to the NCSL, after the 2010 general election, women comprise 23.3% of state legislatures across the country. Here are some facts of note:

Democratic Party women lawmakers - 1,051

Republican Party women lawmakers - 651

Third Party women lawmakers - 6

Non-partisan women lawmakers (Nebraska) - 11

Percentage of women in state legislatures:

Top Five - Colorado (38%), Arizona (34.4%), Hawaii (32.9%), Washington (32.7%), Minnesota (31.3%)

Bottom Five - South Carolina (9.4%), Oklahoma (12.8%), Alabama (13.6%), Mississippi (14.4%), North Dakota (14.9%)

After the recent election, there are 18 women in the Hawaii House of Representatives, and 7 women in the Hawaii Senate. The total of 25 out of 76 legislators equals 32.9%.

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