Saturday, June 19, 2010

Thoughts from a new Dad on Father's Day - Rep. Henry Aquino

Rep. Henry Aquino, wife Cynthia and newborn son Ethan at 2 1/2 weeks.

"Being a new dad is such a tremendous blessing for my wife and I. Having our son reminds me of how precious life is. So far, we have endured and experienced a lot.

Ethan at 6 weeks

The sleepless nights, which are still on-going by the way, finding creative ways to stop the crying, changing his (and my) first diaper, and singing lullabyes (I don't sing, either), are all part of our new roles as parents. Although I'm learning everyday of the parenthood adventures that lie ahead, I know two things for sure -- I'll never sleep the same again, and I love being a new dad!"

Note: Rep. Aquino and his wife became parents during the final days of the 2010 legislative session.

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