Saturday, May 1, 2010

How the Budget was Balanced

House Finance supplied this helpful pie chart on how the budget was balanced, as required by law, for the biennium FY2010 -2011.

Click here for the pdf and corresponding tables. Or click on photo to enlarge.

At the start of the session, the legislature faced a $1.2 billion shortfall. The pie chart shows that this was resolved by:

*General Fund Budget Cuts & Lapses of $794.4 million (54.3%)

*Tax Refund Delay of $275 million (18.8%)

*Credit Adjustments, Loopholes, Penalties, Enforcement totaling $185 million (12.6%)

*Non-General Fund Changes totaling $77.8 million (5.3%)

*Cash CIP Lapses totaling $62.5 million (4.3%)

*Tax Revenue Increases totaling $58.5 million (4.0%)

*Fee Revenue Increases totaling $9.5 million (0.6%)

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