Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Race to the Top good for education reform, says Takumi

Representative Roy Takumi, chairman of the House Committee on Education, comments on how Race to the Top has energized state education reform agendas in an article by the National Conference of State Legislatures.

The article discusses the position of state leaders across the nation on the federal competition and its ground rules. Some believe that the application process will help create effective school reform, while others believe many states will be disappointed in the end after investing so much time and resources to apply for the funds and not receiving a penny.

This is what Takumi had to say:

"Race to the Top has forced states to be a bit more introspective, and that's a good thing. It was helpful for Hawaii to go through this process in a thoughtful way, and it seems to have changed thinking on some issues--like how to go about reconstituting low-performing schools..."

"The way we looked at it is that we want to use our application as a blueprint for reform in our state. The money definitely has the potential to accelerate what we want to accomplish. But if we don't get, we still have our blueprint and then we'll have to focus on to what degree we can implement it."

The U.S. Department of Education awarded Delaware ($100 million) and Tennessee ($500 million)on March 29, first round of Race to the Top. Applications for the second round are due June 1, 2010.

Read full article at the NCSL website.

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Right Brain said...

I hope you watch this, it's a perfect example of what's wrong with Linda Lingle. She's a horrible example to our Hawaii's children, why they lose faith in leaders, indifference, no compassion, not caring that our kids are at the bottom of the national list for states academically. She targets kids, the poor, disabled, blind, deaf, homeless, retarded, elderly...she KNOWS the consequences of all her actions and DOES NOT CARE. After her buddy/apointee Koller? To run the entire Dof H.S., a drug court lawyer? And she wants more absolute power? What's she trying to cover up? She's ON HER WAY OUT. Please find a way to investigate her, especially with the "MORONIC" EPOD IDEA, THAT WILL LINE THE POCKETS OF MORE LIKE HER...INDIFFERENT TO PEOPLES NEEDS, ALL ABOUT $$$$$$$$. People like this don't belong in positions of power, she can't be trusted. She's a PUBLIC SERVANT, the people are her employer, she's not allowed to ask for apologies as an employee to her employer. Just the opposite. Take her OUT!!!

PLEASE WATCH THIS INTRIGUING 1:37 second film. And pass it around to your colleagues. Aloha.
(A very concerned citizen/30 year Hawaii resident).

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