Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wok Out!

From Left: Rep. Clift Tsuji, Char Shigemura, Mayor Kenoi, Rep. Jerry Chang cooking up some Chicken Hekka. (Photo: Denna Macanas)

Last Saturday, Big Island Representatives Clift Tsuji and Jerry Chang participated in a "Chicken Wok Out" - a cooking contest for a good cause - The Food Resilience Project. There were five teams competing for the tastiest chicken dish.

Team 1 - David Fuentes and Mayor Billy Kenoi
Team 2 - Senators Russell Kokubun and Dwight Takamine
Team 3 - Representatives Clift Tsuji and Jerry Chang
Team 4 - Councilmembers Dennis Onishi and David Shiigi
Team 5 - Chef Alan Awana (Gov. Lingle's Chef) and Kaleo Iwasaki

The House team cooked up "Chicken Hekka". The Senate team made "Korean Chicken". I guess each dish was equally delicious as everyone got a blue ribbon.

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