Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Emergency contraception, domestic violence, human trafficking on Women's Caucus agenda

Photo (L-R): Bottom Rep. Faye Hanohano; Rep. Lyla Berg; Marilyn Moniz-Kaho‘ohanohano, University of Hawaii Associate Athletic Director and Senior Woman Administrator; Rep. Jessica Wooley; Rep. Della Au Belatti; Rep. Mina Morita; Rep. Barbara Marumoto; Rep. Cynthia Thielen; Rep. Marilyn Lee; Sen. Rosalyn Baker; Sen. Jill Tokuda.

The Women's Legislative Caucus yesterday announced their legislative package for the 2010 Legislative Session during a news conference at the Hawaii State Capitol. The package, which represents the groups priorities, was dedicated to Dr. Donnis Thompson, a pioneer for women sports in Hawaii. She was the first female director of athletics at the University of Hawaii and worked with the late Patsy Mink to pass Title IX, the Equal Opportunity in Education Act, which brought equality to women in both academics and athletics. During her nine-year tenure at the University of Hawaii, Thompson increased the number of female sports programs and athletic scholarships.

Women's Caucus Legislative Package

1.) Relating To Employment Relations Employment Practices; Domestic Violence
Prohibits employers from discriminating against an employee or applicant for employment based upon the employee's or the applicant's status as a victim of domestic violence.

2) Relating To Crime First Offender Prostitution Program
Provides that patrons of prostitutes who are convicted of a first offense shall be required to pay $500 surcharge and complete an 8-hour educational and counseling program. Establishes a special fund to fund and administer the program.

3) Relating To Crime Promoting Prostitution
Gives priority, regarding witness security and protection, to proceedings and investigations involving the prosecution of promoting prostitution. Provides that kidnapping offenses shall not be reduced to class B felonies if the offense involves unlawfully obtaining the labor or services of the kidnapped person. Increases the felony classifications for promoting prostitution in the first, second, and third degree.

4.) Relating To Crime Human Trafficking Offenses; Crime
Establishes class A, B, and C, felony sexual human trafficking offenses and class A, B, and C felony labor trafficking offenses, and provisions related to prosecution of the offenses.

5.)HB335/SB776 From 2009 Session, Relating to an Automated Victim Notification System Crime Victims;
Notification Establishes a statewide automated victim notification system to provide victims of crime with current information regarding the custody status of the offender in the victim's case.

6.) HB423/SB604 From 2009 Session Relating To Emergency Contraceptives For Sexual Assault Survivors Sexual Assault; Emergency Contraception
Requires hospitals to provide information about emergency contraception to women who are sexually assaulted and to provide emergency contraception when requested. Provides for administrative penalties for noncompliance.

**The first four bills do not have bill numbers yet. This post will be edited once they receive bill numbers.


Lato Sensu said...

Rep. Mina Morita, another pettifogger that has HB878 on hold for the 2010 regular secession. Marriage between two persons.

Lato Sensu said...

Rep. Karl Rhoads, another pettifogger that has HB878 on hole for the 2010 regular secession. Marriage between to persons.

Lato Sensu said...

Rep. Saiki, another pettifogger that put HB878 on hold for the 2010 regular secession. Marriage between to persons.