Friday, December 18, 2009

House Majority Position on Teacher Furloughs

Speaker Calvin Say issued the following statement this afternoon following the Majority Caucus. It confirms the House position after the breakdown in talks earlier this week between the administration and the Hawaii State Teachers Association on the teacher furlough issue:

“The House Majority Caucus reiterates its support for a special session to consider the teachers' furlough issue only after the negotiating parties reach a tentative agreement.

The House Majority Caucus emphasizes that it does not support the passage of any bill that, absent an agreement, legislatively limits the number of non-instructional days in exchange for increased teachers' pay. Passing such a bill before a tentative agreement is reached would constitute an inappropriate interference into the collective bargaining process. The Caucus would consider such a bill after a tentative agreement is reached.

The House Majority’s position remains that public education is a priority, and urges the parties to continue negotiations to restore the number of student instructional days during 2010 and 2011.

I would like to make a personal point. Although by law the Legislature is not involved in the negotiations, I would look unfavorably on any tentative agreement that requires the layoff of any personnel of the Department of Education."

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Tony in Hawaii said...

How sad that the people suffering the most from this are the kids. My 3 kids are missing school time because a bunch of bureaucrats can't agree.