Wednesday, December 9, 2009

2010 Census Means Redistricting in 2011

NCSL's December issue of State Legislatures focuses on redistricting at the federal, state and local level, the daunting process that takes place every 10 years following the Census. You can read the full story here.

The need for redistricting is based on the "one person, one vote" constitutional principle that guarantees that each person is equally represented, and that each legislative district is approximately equal in population. After the census results are turned over to the states in April 2011, the process of redistricting begins.

Now is the time for state legislatures to start preparing for redistricting. The Hawaii State Constitution, Article IV, lays out the process, starting with the establishment of the Reapportionment Commission on or before May 1st of the reapportionment year (2011).

Here is how reapportionment shall apply to the House of Representatives.

Here is how reapportionment shall apply to the State Senate. As well as how reapportionment will apply to the staggered terms for the Senate.

The Chief Elections Officer plays a critical role in the Reapportionment Commission's work.

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Tony in Hawaii said...

hundreds, maybe thousands of people walking door to door in Hawaii, counting people... they are going to cover a lot of Hawaii real estate