Monday, November 23, 2009

Good Schools = Good Leaders

Rep. Roy Takumi, chairman of the House Education Committee, recently attended a three-day conference to examine school leadership development strategies with other state lawmakers, education policy analysts, school principals and experts in education leadership.

He is featured in a video interview discussing what he will take away from the conference, what role the state legislature plays in education, as well as what kinds of innovative initiatives have come out of Hawaii.

When asked about the role of the legislature in education leadership development, Rep. Takumi said the role the state legislature plays in education varies by state, but in general lawmakers must be "educated about what is important to run a school,"resist temptation to micromanage the school system," and "support the professionals where they need to be supported."

You can read about the conference on the NCSL site and watch the entire clip of Rep. Takumi's interview here.

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