Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Let's take the stairs

Thanks to the folks at Governing.com, who found a great video on an initiative by Volkswagen to encourage more people to take the stairs. Changing behavior is easier when you include an element of fun.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing this!
I put it up on Facebook, too.

Unknown said...

Iron has made its name through Spiral Stairs
I like iron spiral staircases.
They give's a nice look.
And the way they designed. I just luved it

Unknown said...

People have been neglecting the beauty and flexibility of exterior spiral stairs or any other staircases because of modernization. Good thing though is that Volkwagen thought of that idea to encourage more people to take the stairs.

Unknown said...

I like spiral staircases! I also heard from a friend who applies Fengshui in her house that spiral staircases are inauspicious. However, I still prefer spiral staircases designs for our home renovation next month. We will renovate the master's bedroom and all the staircases like the iron spiral staircases, outdoor spiral stairs and the metal spiral stairs.