Friday, October 9, 2009

It takes 2... 4 cleavage

Members of the Women's Legislative Caucus Team, lead by Rep. Marilyn Lee, raised $1065 for the American Cancer Society's inaugural "Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk," held on October 3.

I was one of those people who participated in the 5-mile walk from Richardson Field, near the Aloha Stadium, to Ford Island and back. Some ambitious participants ran the whole thing. By the time we got to the middle of the Ford Island Bridge a sweaty male runner was already on his way back. Needless to say, while we finished in 2 hours, he was done in less than 30 minutes.

Earlier that morning, I was amazed by the swarms of teams clad in pink crossing the street to the registration tent on Richardson Field from the Aloha Stadium parking lot. There were more than 3,000 people -- male, female, young and old -- ready to make strides against breast cancer. Leave it to breasts to make that many people happy to be up at 6:30 on a Saturday morning doing jazzercise and aerobics before a 5-mile walk.

My favorite team name had to be this one:

I spotted it towards the end of the walk on the backs of two young high school girls. I just had to get a shot from my cell phone.

Other playful team names included "I Love BOOBS" and "Save the TaTas." Some walkers were even dressed up in knee-high, neon-pink socks, stylish pink wigs, and funky froufrou shorts. I didn't get the dress code memo this year, but, now that I'm aware, it is definitely on for next year's walk!

In addition to the Women's Legislative Caucus Team, several State Representatives and Senators participated with their respective groups. I bumped into Reps Tom Brower and John Mizuno during the walk; they joined their community teams for the event. Senators Rosalyn Baker, Brickwood Galuteria, Michelle Kidani and Will Espero walked with the Hawaii State Senate Team.

The American Cancer Society hosted the event to increase awareness, support survivors of breast cancer and to raise money for breast cancer research. This disease kills approximately 40,000 women annually in the United States alone. More than 400,000 die each year worldwide.

The Hawaii event was able to raise $150,000 to help fight breast cancer.

Everyone who was there or donated money to the different teams should be extremely proud of themselves. Let's do it again next year!

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