Monday, August 17, 2009

See you in 25 years

House members and staff today loaded a tiny silver time capsule full of memorabilia representing the past and present of the Hawaii House of Representatives. The House's pill is only one of 50 time capsules that will be buried in different locations statewide. They will be opened on the State's 75th anniversary in 2034.

The following are some of the items that were packed into the capsule:
  • 1959 and 2009-2010 House member composite photos
  • Photo of the House Freshman Class of 2009
  • 2009 House staff directory
  • 2009 legislative pocket directory
  • Lapel pin from SAA inventory
  • Sample bill, resolution, committee report, and certificate
  • House Journal excerpts from 2009 Opening Day, Joint Session for Statehood, and 2009 Adjournment Sine Die day
  • Personal letters from Speaker Emeritus Joe Souki, Speaker Calvin Say, and the six freshmen lawmakers
  • Star Bulletin - Aug. 17, 2009 issue and Jan. 21, 2009 (Obama Inauguration issue)
  • Pacific Business News - dated Aug. 14, 2009
  • 2009 Budget and Fiscal information and Plans
  • Menus from favorite eateries frequented by House members and staff
  • Civil unions (HB444) documents and photos
  • Hamakua Sugar - last sugar producation processed Sept. 1994 (courtesy Rep. Barbara Marumoto)
  • "No Coqui Frogs" fan from Rep. Clift Tsuji
House members also included in the capsule their business cards with a short message written on the back. Some quoted famous authors, others addressed the citizens of the state, and a few even wrote endearing messages to their family members.

Rep. Roy Takumi: Remember what a privilege it is to serve...

Rep. Joey Manahan: I am truly grateful to be able to serve the people of the 29th House district and the people of the State of Hawaii. My decisions are made with you in mind always. Mabuhay.

Rep. Ken Ito: To my grandchildren Tyler, Kerry, James & Daniel. Hope all in good health and productive citizens working to make Hawaii and the world a better place. Love, Grandpa.

Rep. John Mizuno: I love Hawaii!

Rep. Mark Nakashima: Dear Friends, I hope that history will be kind to us...finding that Hawaii is in a better place as a result of the leadership and foresight provided by those of us here today.

Rep. Clift Tsuji: Aloha. Ag sustainability and security. Hope the fruits of our initiatives today will satisfy your palates 50 years from now. "Buy Local, Buy Fresh."

Chief Clerk Pat Shimizu: It has truly been an honor to serve the state House, its members and staff.

Asst. Chief Clerk C.J. Leong: "To know what is right and not to do it is the worst cowardice." -- Confucius

Much mahalo to the staff from the House Chief Clerk's Office for collecting and filling the capsule of items we won't be seeing again for 25 years!

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