Thursday, July 16, 2009

Environmental justice forum in Wai'anae

What: A youth environmental justice group from Wai'anae will hold a public forum to share and discuss their findings of three important questions:

1.) Why is everyone dumping their 'opala (trash) in Wai'anae?
2.) What is being done to address this problem?
3.) What can we do as a community?

Representative Maile Shimabukuro and other community leaders will attend the public forum.

When: Friday, July 17, 2009
6 – 8 p.m.

Where: Wai'anae Public Library
85-625 Farrington Highway

Ka Makani Kaiaulu o Wai'anae is a summer environmental justice and community organizing training institute for youth of the Wai'anae coast. The students learn about the history of non-violent social justice movements in Hawaii and around the world, attend workshops on organizing for community change, and conduct field work to document environmental impacts on the community.

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