Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thousands rally at Capitol against Lingle's furlough plan

Thousands of people came to the Hawaii State Capitol this afternoon to protest against Gov. Linda Lingle's plan to furlough state workers three days a month. Members of the Hawaii Government Employees Association, Hawaii State Teachers Association, United Public Workers, the UH Professional Assembly, and their families waved signs and cheered after each speaker took the stage calling for fairness. Chants criticizing the governor's plan rang through the Capitol halls. Here are a few of them:

We say: Negotiate!
Lingle says: Dictate!
The Law says: Negotiate!
Lingle says: Dictate!

Linda Lingle, Don't You Dare!
We Have
Contracts, Treat Us Fair!

Ho Ho, Hey Hey,
Our contracts are here to
Ho Ho, Hey Hey,
Lingle cannot get her way!

We say 'Union -
Strong and Proud!'
'Hear us Governor! Hear us loud!!"

Don't believer
her sound bites!
Linda Lingle, we have rights!

You can also find coverage on KITV4.


Manawai said...

"...each speaker took the stage calling for fairness."

Malarkey! Furloughs are entirely fair since Lingle won't have to let go the lowest ranking union members like many senior workers would prefer. It will also enable her to not raise G.E. taxes on the low income, unemployed and underemployed workers who have been hit already and are struggling to survive. The State workers are a selfish group led by a handful of disingenuous, 6-figure salaried union leaders.

Anonymous said...
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