Thursday, June 25, 2009

Gov signs energy bills

Representative Hermina Morita, Chair of the House Committee on Energy and Environmental Protection, today issued the following statement on Governor Lingle’s signing of four energy bills:

“I am pleased to learn that Governor Lingle has signed into law these important energy bills. They are all critical pieces to our preferred clean energy future.

I am also anxiously awaiting her action and support of House Bill 1271 because it is the lynch pin, providing the organizational structure, funding and staffing, in achieving our long-term energy and food security strategy.

The Legislature recognized in the passage of House Bill 1271 that to achieve clean energy and food security we need to make critical infrastructure investments and this can only be done through consistent, dedicated funding and sustained political will.”

The bills, with legislative summaries, are:

SB 868 signed as Act 153. Addresses deficiencies in Hawaii's energy resources coordination statutes. Provides policy guidance to ensure adequate detail on the nature and relationship of the energy data analysis functions of the state energy resources coordinator and energy program.

SB 464 signed as Act 154. Amends the renewable energy technologies income tax credit to encourage use of solar and wind energy systems and to permit a portion of the excess of the credit over payments due to be refunded to the taxpayer in certain circumstances. Reduces the tax credit for certain energy systems used to meet substitute renewable energy technology requirements for single-family residential properties.

HB 1464 signed as Act 155. Provides for and encourages renewable energy use and development, and energy efficiency, including increasing requirements for renewable energy portfolio standard, expanding duties of the energy resources coordinator, establishing energy efficiency portfolio standards, requiring energy-efficient state buildings, requiring sellers to provide electricity-cost information, and appropriating funds from the Renewable Energy Facility Siting Special Fund.

SB 1202 signed as Act 156. Establishes the development of non-fossil fuel transportation as a state policy goal. Requires the designation of parking spaces for electric vehicles and provides penalties for parking a non‑electric vehicle in reserved spaces. Requires State and county agencies to follow a priority list when purchasing energy-efficient vehicles, including electric vehicles. Includes requirements for developing an electric vehicle infrastructure. Establishes the Transportation Energy Transformation Grant Fund Program. Eff. 7/1/2009.

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