Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Choy grading Choy

For a freshman lawmaker, average ain't too bad, especially with such a steep learning curve. Representative Isaac Choy's May newsletter is now available online. He sums up the 2009 Legislative Session and evaluates himself on four categories:

1. Competence in the legislative process: C
2. Knowledge of issues: D
3. Effort and perseverance: B+
4. Representing the district: C-

Check out his newsletter here for the details of his evaluation.


Bilbo Baggins said...

I don't think Choy's classmates would agree with the grades -- Isaac served on some key conferences on tax measures,including the gutting of the high tech tax credit multiplier. He wore the wrong tie on six of the seven bow tie Wednesday session days (Mark Nakashima hit four of seven while Denny Coffman and Gil Keith-Agaran both got three of seven). He also delivered a ton of CIP for the University of Hawaii (although he'll claim he did nothing). With the other freshmen, he spent extra time reviewing all the bills up for third reading in addition to the majority caucus so he probably had more knowledge about all the bills than other members of the House.

Anonymous said...
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Jud said...

I don't know the freshman lawmaker, but I do appreciate his humility and openness in discussing his shortcomings.

I think most voters have unrealistic expectations of their elected leaders, and many seeking office really have no true understanding of the full responsibility and scope of the office they are seeking.

Best of luck in the future, Rep. Choy!