Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Ledge: Energy and Fossil fuels


Manawai said...

Only a total blithering idiot would tie energy issues to 9/11. Can Morita be so deluded, so blind that she does not see the obvious...that 9/11 came about over ideology and religion, not oil. Morita you are a fool!

Manawai said...

Gawd you have such a massive ego to think that we need your input when the answer is obvious. When, and as, alterantive energy generation becomes economically viable, it will happen without your patronizing, credit taking input. Business and private investment which you so obviously loath with you blantant anti-corporate rhetoric will solve the problem with our without your support. Or are you going to take credit for PV systems which are already being installed in households throughout the state. Wake up and get with it Morita!