Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kanu Hawaii Comes to the Capitol

Check out this announcement from Kanu Hawaii:

On Monday, April 27th from 7:00am to 12:00noon, members of the nonprofit group Kanu Hawaii will be providing two FREE services to everyone in the Capitol:

1) Bring incandescent bulbs from home and they will exchange them for a FREE energy-efficient compact fluorescent one (limit 2 bulbs per person).

2) They will check the tire pressure of every car in the Capitol parking lot and leave a note telling you which tire(s) are low.

These two services will help us all conserve energy and cut our climate-warming emissions. CFL bulbs burn less than one-fifth the energy of regular bulbs. And, poorly inflated tires make your car burn 3% more gas every year. If we change just 100 bulbs and properly inflate 100 cars’ tires, we’ll keep about 40 tons of carbon-dioxide out of the atmosphere each year. We’ll save money on electricity and gas, too.

So, remember to bring your bulbs to work and trade them in on the 27th. Kanu will visit each office for the bulb exchange. If you’d rather not have your tire pressure checked, just email Kamaile Kekahuna at with your License Plate #.

The mission of Kanu Hawaii is to unleash a social movement that uses island values and personal commitments to build local communities that are more sustainable, compassionate, and self reliant. For more information about Kanu Hawaii, you can visit them online at

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