Monday, April 6, 2009

Dear Rep. Takumi

This week, we want to share with you a series of thank you letters addressed to Rep. Roy Takumi (District 36 - Pearl City, Momilani, Pacific Palisades, Manana). Rep. Takumi spoke in March to the Modern Hawaiian History class, Grade 9, at Pearl City High School. The teacher is Mr. Lance Fukuhara.

Dear Representative Roy Takumi,

Thank you for coming to our class on a busy Wednesday. I learned many things like the answer to civil union, your life as a Representative, etc. I am thankful that you answered my two questions with a long answer. That killed a good 20 min. of school time. Just kidding. I enjoyed many of the information you gave our class and the time and effort you did to answer those questions. Once again, thank you for coming to the best school in Hawaii (Pearl City High School) and thank you for attending the class with the best student in Hawaii...Me! Just kidding.


Aloha Representative Roy Takumi,

Thank you so much for coming into our class to give us some information about what you do as a representative. I had a really good time learning about new bills that could affect me academically.

It was comforting to know that people like you are trying to increase the standards of education. Hearing your opinions about some of the issues in Hawaii was very interesting and open-minded. That spread my range of thought about how those issues really affect me and the ones that matter to me.

I learned a lot about how to make a difference in our world. Knowing how much you can change in our society inspired me to make some changes for the better in my community. Again, thank you, and I hope you can come back and talk to other of Mr. Fukuhara's classes.


Dear Representative Takumi,

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to come & talk to us. I enjoyed having you in our class, and I hope you can come back again. Oh, I thought you were really funny. Maybe if you retire from politics, you could give comedy a try. Oh kay, gotta go & thanks for everything you do for Hawaii.


Dear Representative Roy Takumi,

I really enjoyed your speech that you gave us. I really learned alot from it. Such as, ceded lands turned into public lands after Hawaii turned into a state and that the public lands are used wisely so that everybody can benefit from them. My favorite part was when you said your first job was a bag boy at Gem Markets because that was my dad's first job too. He also graduated from McKinley High School, and it was funny when you kep saying that the guy by you did not care.


Dear Representative Takumi,

Thank you for coming into our class and talking to us. I really enjoyed listening to everything and how much things are going on around the island. I learned a lot that day such as all the different bills going on and want to be passed. I also learned that it doesn't take much to become a representative but your job sounds really hard. I personally would like to have become a lawyer, but seeing how you guys could change the island's economy, it sounds really fun to become a representative. Once again, thanks for taking the time to come and talk to our class. We really did appreciate it.

Much mahalo's,

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