Friday, March 20, 2009

Honoring Hawaii's Kahuna Nui

Leimomi Mo'okini Lum was honored today in a floor presentation sponsored by Rep. Joe Souki. She was recognized for her outstanding service in protecting and perpetuating Hawai'i's acient cultural heritage.

Momi, as everyone calls her, was chosen as Kahuna Nui, the spiritual and physical guardian and caretaker of the Mo'okini Luakini Hei'au, which is registered as a national historic landmark. Upon becoming the Kahuna Nui, Momi lifted the sacred kapu that reserved the Hei'au for royalty and human sacrifices, making it safe for anyone to enter the site. Momi founded and organized the Na Mano O Hawaii Nei, and formulated and implemented Children's Day. In 2009, she began the construction of the Mo'okini Educational Complex, a permanent site to continue her work with children to preserve and the culture of Hawaii.

In Photo: Rep. Joe Souki with Leimomi Mo'okini Lum, who was honored by the House of Representatives for her work with the community enriching promoting the cultural and religious traditions of old Hawai'i.

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Ted said...

Mookini Heiau is one of the most remarkable places I have ever visited in Hawaii. Every time I go there, the experience is humbling. Kapu lifted or no, my hair stands on end, chills run down my spine, I get chicken skin! The place is powerful!