Monday, February 2, 2009

The Ledge: GMO Taro

In this episode of "The Ledge" you will hear a plea to lawmakers from a kanaka maoli to protect the Hawaiian taro.

The issue of genetically modified taro comes up again this legislative session. Three bills that you should keep an eye on include:

HB1663, which proposes to prohibit any kind of testing, development, importation or planting of genetically modified taro in Hawaii. This bill was introduced by the Hawaiian Legislative Caucus, chaired by Rep. Mele Carroll.

SB709, which places a moratorium on genetically modifying any Hawaiian taro in Hawaii and testing, planting, or growing any Hawaiian taro within the State that has been genetically modified outside the State. This bill was introduced by Senator Kalani English.

HB904, which appropriates funds for the taro security and purity task force to guide policy and prioritize research for the protection of taro in Hawaii. This bill was introduced by Rep. Calvin Say by request. It is part of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs' legislative package.

None of these bills have yet to be scheduled for a hearing.

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Anonymous said...

HB904 is the bill that scares me becuase it creats a body of people, a task force. Like all committees or task forces in the performance of their duties they will feel compelled to finance reserach, iquries, experts just to show that they are doing something and any budget they get will grow over time. This is exactly how the cost of government keeps increasing; little by little, taskforce after task force, study after study. And are all these task forces measured or revaluated as to their their productivity in relation to their expenditures? No. This is another reason why our state has a reputation as a tax hell.