Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hawaii Heritage Caucus unveils 2009 Legislative Package

The 2009 Legislative Heritage Caucus unveils a package of ten bills and resolutions this session that targets the preservation of Hawaii's historic infrastructure and the move toward creating a niche market of heritage tourism.

Created in 2006, the bi-partisan Heritage Caucus has over 35 members dedicated to cultural preservation. The Heritage Caucus seeks to identify, protect, and preserve the state's cultural resources and foster widespread appreciation of Hawaii's cultural heritage and built environment.

"The Heritage Caucus provides an opportunity for legislators to create partnerships with our community, business, academic institutions and industry. The scale and complexity of the challenges confronting historic preservation today cannot be solved by institutions alone. I'm thankful for the support on this important issue. Understanding our history connects yesterday's accomplishments with tomorrow's possibilities." said Representative Cindy Evans, chair of the 2009 Legislative Heritage Caucus.

"Now more than ever, this economy presents us with unique opportunities and obligations for preserving what makes Hawai'i special. Heritage can be a win-win for visitors and locals alike and that’s precisely what this Caucus is committed to accomplishing." said Chair Corinne W.L. Ching, vice-chair of the 2009 Legislative Heritage Caucus.

The 2009 Heritage Caucus Package consists of the following bills and resolutions:

Changes the requirement for archival photographs for permits allowing the demolition, construction, or other major alteration of a historic building to photographs in any format. Provides that if the State Historic Preservation Division does not act upon a plan submission within 30 days, the proposal is treated as accepted.

HB504 RELATING TO TOURISM. Mandates that signs identifying state landmarks convey interpretive information.

HB505 RELATING TO HISTORIC PLACES. Increases criminal penalties for trespass upon and vandalism of properties on the Hawai`i Register of Historic Places.

HB506 RELATING TO A MUSEUM ARTIFACT AND ARCHIVAL CONSERVATION SUMMIT. Directs the department of accounting and general services to organize a museum artifact and archival conservation summit.

HB507 RELATING TO HISTORIC BUILDINGS. Establishes a task force to identify obstacles to the use of alternative or renewable energy systems on state historic buildings or purchase by state historic buildings of power generated from alternative or renewable energy systems located on adjacent properties and ways to permit sellers to claim a tax deduction. Requires report to the legislature in 2010 and 2011.

HB888 RELATING TO TOURISM. Establishes a working group to investigate the feasibility of creating a niche market in the tourism industry for riflery, archery, and hunting activities.

HB889 RELATING TO AGRICULTURAL PARKS. Makes farmers' markets a permitted use in an agricultural park.

HCR22 Requesting Congress to designate the Hawaii Capital Cultural District as a National Heritage Area

HCR23/HR25 Urging the Heritage Tourism Community to collaboratively work to, among other things, create a Heritage Tourism Marketing Plan for use by the Hawaii Tourism Authority Heritage tourism; marketing plan

HR24 Requesting Congress to designate the Hawaii Capital Cultural District as a National Heritage Area

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