Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Reps Wooley and C. Lee on Kukui Connection

Rep. Marilyn Lee will talk with two freshmen House lawmakers, Reps. Jessica Wooley and Chris Lee, in the next episodes of "Kukui Connection" on 'Olelo. These shows are part of a series of shows introducing and talking story with new members of the Majority of the House of Representatives.

Rep. M. Lee opens both shows with the one question every constituent wants to know. Why did you run for office? The future of Wooley's children was a motivating factor in her joining the political game. Lee attributed the beginning of his political career to his experience as a staff member at the Legislature, being in the right place at the right time and able to devote all his energy to making a difference in the community as a young man with no major commitments as of yet.

Find out more about their background, districts, and priorities for the 2009 Legislative Session by tuning in to 'Olelo, Channel 54 in February. Here's the schedule.
Rep. Wooley: Sunday, February 1 and Sunday, February 15,
Rep. C. Lee: Sunday, February 8 and Sunday, February 22


Doug said...

Shouldn't Olelo (or Rep Lee, or the House Majority) have a YouTube channel by now?

hint hint

Georgette said...

Yes! Okay, okay.

Anonymous said...

"The future of Wooley's children was a motivating factor in her joining the political game."

And apparently, her need to pick them up from school every day is also what's holding her back from doing her job now that she's actually *in* the political game.

Anonymous said...

Rep. Wooley is a hard worker and a bright light in the legislature. If anything, being a responsible mother makes her contribution to the legislature even greater.

Anonymous said...

i agree with anonymous. there are other politicians with kids and families who still manage to do their job. i'd be weary of any elected official who's not at work doing their job and learning the major issues so that they, in turn, can make the most informed decisions come voting time, especially during a major recession. and especially as a first-time rep.

if she wants to be that bright light, then she gots to step it up!

Georgette said...

Mahalo for the comments, however, wondering how we can avoid confusion and still allow anonymous comments....

For anonymous #1 and #3, it's only day 6 of the legislature. Let's give our reps, especially freshmen, a chance. And, if you have specifics, without getting too personal, that would be helpful to all.