Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lege? Leg? Ledge?

On the Twitter stream this morning...

@iloomis Wondering: is it Lege or Leg?

@lanceIagena @iloomis I vote Leg. Lege lends itself more to mispronounciation. Within context, Leg should work. I guess.

@georgettedeemer @iloomis I'm wondering the same thing! "Lege" or "Leg"? There is also "Ledge". Twitterverse, what say you?

@lavasusan @georgettedeemer @iloomis Twitter defaults to the brief, so I say Leg. "Lege" looks like "liege" & we don't want to promote that POV. :)

@danseto @georgettedeemer I spell it "Leg" but pronounce it as "Ledge". FWIW

@lanceIagena @georgettedeemer @iloomis Actually, Webster's has "leg." as abbreviation for legislature. So "Leg."?

@georgettedeemer @lanceIagena Interesting about Webster's. I guess the period is critical in this case, huh?

@lanceIagena @georgettedeemer Officially, the period makes it an abbreviation and so grammatically correct. You can pronounce whatever way you wish.

@invcondemnation @georgettedeemer - I write "lege" but I like @lavasusan's solution of "Leg." and will now switch to that.

@georgettedeemer @invcondemnation I was hoping you'd weigh in. OK then, the consensus seems to be spell it as Leg. and pronounce it as Ledge.

@iloomis @georgettedeemer Ha. That's funny, because I was doing Leg but now I like Lege. I look at Leg and think, "body part."

@georgettedeemer @iloomis I think it looks funny too, but makes sense if you add the period to Leg. Then it's definitely an "abbreviation."

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