Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Top Ten Legislative Issues Going Forward

One - The Election. Locally and nationally, a new year and a new team!

Two - The loss of Rep. Bob Nakasone. A sad day for the House. Governor to name a replacement by February 5th, but hopefully before start of session.

Three - The Budget. Expect to see further decline when the Council on Revenues meets on January 9th.

Four - Business Closures. Aloha Airlines, Molokai Ranch, ATA. Will we see more in 2009?

Five - VOG. Can't legislate Madame Pele.

Six - Ceded lands. Has the window of opportunity for a settlement closed?

Seven -Superferry. Waiting for the Supreme Court decision.

Eight - HHSC. Can our community hospital system be fixed?

Nine - Domestic Violence. 2008 was a horrible year for family and domestic violence. How many silent marches did we have? During economic crisis, alcoholism, drug addiction, crime and violence seem to escalate.

Ten - Future of Agriculture. Hawaii's farmers will need significant assistance in order to survive economic downturn.

These would be my top ten issues going forward into the 2009 session. Yours?


Anonymous said...

I would add the aging of our community and the ongoing and increasing need for long term care options in the community--believe me, the deluge is coming.
Maintaining the health care safety net is also at the top of my priorities. Our private hospitals and other facilities are struggling, not just HHSC
Maintaining sufficient funding for our public schools completes my list.

lavasusan said...

Here are five more from me:
1. K-12 education. Teachers, facilities. technology.
2. UH system. Facilities in particular.
3. Military. Especially in times of economic distress, they help us out. What can we do for them? Have we asked?
4. State commitment to alternative energy. Whatever happened to the OTEC pilot project? Wave power?
5. Waste disposal. Washington state wants it, Waianae is tired of getting the brunt of it. Pilot project.

Anonymous said...

Isnt it interesting that the State correctional system and its challenges is no where to be found on this list. Sad.