Monday, December 22, 2008

To drier days

A lot of women on the third floor of the capitol are today probably a lot happier - and drier - then usual. They have paper!! In September, a noisy hand dryer that left some still wiping their palms on their pants or blouses on the way out replaced the old paper towel dispenser. I'm guessing there were too many complaints from damp-skirted women because this morning I was surprised to find a more modern paper towel dispenser in place of the old silver box. Thank goodness! The hand dryer is still there, so if you have 10 minutes to kill, feel free to test it out and let me know how long it actually does take to dry your hands.

1 comment:

charley foster said...

Classic mens' room graffiti:

1. push button

2. rub hands together under air

3. wipe hands on pants