Monday, December 29, 2008

Reps in the News

In Sunday's Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Rep. Marcus Oshiro (D-39 Wahiawa)announced his intention to introduce legislation in 2009 related to the BODIES exhibition, scheduled to close on January 18th. Rep. Oshiro would like to see Hawaii adopt laws similar to New York where exhibitors are required to show documentation on the cause of death and origin of the cadavers.

"There is no law regulating exhibition of human bodies," Oshiro said. "I would like to have the consent, verification that these human remains, whether a body or body parts, were obtained with the approval of the person. After all, we are talking about real human bodies, real flesh and bone."

Oshiro said he is welcoming feedback about the exhibit to help him draft his bill. People may call his office at 586-6200.

In this morning's Honolulu Advertiser, Rep. Isaac Choy (D-24 Manoa), a former Tax Review Commissioner, comments on the future of Act 221, Hawaii's tax credit created to help develop a state-based technology industry. Rep. Choy believes the credits are too high in comparison to the number of jobs created.

"If we're trying to attract jobs, the cost per job is way too high," said Choy, who previously served on a state Tax Review Commission that criticized the state for providing generous tax credits without tracking the costs and benefits. "My personal opinion is Hawai'i can't afford this credit and the credit has not turned out to be what it's supposed to be.

"Just think, if we set aside $600 million for hotel rooms we would have got more bang for the buck."

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