Monday, December 1, 2008

Karl Rhoads and Beach Weddings

What could be more romantic than saying your wedding vows, on a beach, in Hawaii? Well, it's not so romantic when the bride and groom are bogged down by red tape. Rep. Karl Rhoads has an issue with the complicated wedding permit system which has been on the books for six years, but is only now being enforced by the Department of Land and Natural Resources. You can read Adrienne LaFrance's story in this week's Honolulu Weekly. With our economy in trouble, Rep. Rhoads does not want to discourage the much needed business generated by wedding tourism. He hopes that DLNR will address these concerns without his having to propose new legislation.

"We have two months until the filing deadline," said Rhoads. "I hope it doesn't come to that; but if I have to file a bill, I will."


Alicia Newby said...

What a way to ruin a perfect scene for a wedding.

Lingerie said...
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