Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I'm Addicted to Twitter

Not yet sure if you want to jump on the Twitter bandwagon? Many of our colleagues at the Hawaii State Capitol are already hopping on board to one of social media's most contagious addictions. Even more public relations and communications pros are tweeting it up as well. Are you a Twitter newbie getting your beak damp by pecking along the tweep (slang: twitter + peeps) profiles? Are you reading this post thinking "what the heck is Twitter!?" If so, then take a look at The Twitter Manual, a helpful user guide/ebook by David Risley. Again, Georgette and I can be found on twitter @georgettedeemer and @ThelmaDreyer

One of my favorite parts of the manual is the Top 10 Signs Youʼre Addicted to Twitter:

1. Youʼre on the Twitter website and find yourself refreshing the page rather than waiting for the auto-refresh. F5
is worn out.
2. You realize you need to turn off Twitter to get any work done. Problem is, you “realized” that an hour ago, too.
3. You get overly excited when you get a new follower.
4. You find yourself typing “@” to reply to people, even if its in an email.
5. You are bored and confused whenever there is another Twitter outage.
6. You have a Twitter client set to start automatically on boot up.
7. Your blog hasnʼt been updated in awhile, but youʼve been Twittering like crazy.
8. You feel the strong need to check up on Twitter before going to bed at night. Or perhaps on your laptop IN
9. First thing you do when you get home from date night with the wife is check Twitter.
10.You put your Twitter handle on your business card.
Sound like you?

(Thanks @HIBorg for the manual link!)


Doug said...

Who else at the Capitol is active on Twitter, besides Thelma and Georgette? Any legislators?

Thelma said...

I don't know of any lawmakers on twitter yet. There are a few staff workers who have signed up and feeling their way around.

damontucker said...

I'm new to twitter...but it sure is coming in handy