Monday, December 22, 2008

Freshmen on Hawaii Public Radio

Wayne Yoshioka, Hawaii Public Radio, interviewed 5 of the 6 majority freshmen last week and filed a report that aired last Thursday. The interview is on the KHPR website here. Following are some highlights from the story about their experiences as a new legislator so far...

Isaac Choy: "The learning curve is very steep here. It's worse than college."

Jessica Wooley: "We may not be able to succeed all the time, but we're going to see what we can do."

Denny Coffman: "I use the example of Mauna Kea eggs (not made in Hawaii)...We need to look at the brand names and make sure they meet the definition of made in Hawaii."

Henry Aquino: "I'm getting married, believe it or not, 11 days before Opening Day. That was one of the things my financee told me, I'll support you, but she's not going to consider changing the wedding date."

Chris Lee: "Here in the legislature, it takes more than one person, it takes a majority of votes to get anything done. I approached it from that angle and hope to work with everyone here."

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