Friday, October 31, 2008

The little boy who missed Rep. Ken Ito

This is the interior of Room 314 in the State Capitol, currently occupied by Rep. Hermina Morita.

Long ago, back in the 1990's, it was the office of Rep. Ken Ito. After Ken Ito, the office was assigned to former representative Lei Ahu Isa. That's when the mischief began!

Lei Ahu Isa says that she is 3/8th Hawaiian and is usually able to sense when spirits are around. When she moved into the office, she definitely felt the presence of some kind of spirit there.

After time passed, the spirit became more physical. For example, she would come into the office in the morning and find papers scattered all over the floor. Then she would find the water bottle tilted off its base. Finally, while she and her son watched, the water bottle would shake and rock back and forth, even after they unplugged the base. It would never completely tip over, but it would sway to the very edge of the container.

Lei decided that she better call for some help. She had Kahuna Momi Lum come in to bless the office. Momi said that she saw a young boy spirit in the office, and the boy did not realize that he had died. She released the spirit, but talked to him before he left. The boy said that he did those naughty things because he missed the man who used to be in the office - Rep. Ken Ito.

After the blessing, Lei did not encounter any problems for the next two years. I spoke with Rep. Morita, the current occupant, and she said that she has not seen or heard anything unusual either.

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