Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Help Wanted

Photo: left to right - Tommie Suganuma (Rep. Cindy Evans), Lora Lapenia (Rep. Clift Tsuji) and CJ Leong, Assistant Chief Clerk

It is my sincere belief that if everyone worked at the legislature, even for just one session, it would change the way the public views the legislature, as well as shape their understanding of the nature of the work being done on their behalf.

Photo: left to right - CJ Leong, Rupert Juarez (Chief Clerk's Office), Lora Lapenia

The House of Representatives goes out to job fairs across the state recruiting for the best and brightest people to fill a number of important positions. Recently, staff members were at the Hilo Job Fair.

Go to the Capitol website for more information on available positions.


Doug said...

Do you seriously get (m)any applicants willing to relocate (or commute) to Honolulu for a 4-month gig with a modest salary?

Georgette said...

Not for commuting, but I believe people are willing to relocate. Many Reps seem to have staff people from their district, such as Lora pictured who is from Hilo.

Anonymous said...

People are willing to relocate especially if they're young, have friends or family to stay with, etc.

Anonymous said...

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House Clerk said...

According to House recruiters, Hilo students who are graduating in December were interested in Capitol employment opportunities. Some graduates who are Honolulu residents will be returning to their home island. Others who will be pursuing additional educational opportunities or applying for law school for the fall of 2009, welcomed the opportunity to work from January to May while awaiting application responses. Some students who will be continuing their education at UH-Hilo indicated that they had never thought of the State Capitol for job searches. But they indicated they would keep this option in mind for possible future use.