Friday, October 31, 2008

Go Green! Organic Hair Plug Substitute!

Today, in the spirit of ghouls and goblins, the Hawaii House of Representatives held a Halloween party potluck during lunch. I went as Jem the Hologramic Chipmunk. (Hey, I'm a child of the 80's. What can I say?) Unfortunately, no one at the party seemed to get the ensemble. Everyone was more blown away by the Phat One of the Opala, a.k.a Baron Gushiken, (left) from Rep. Pono Chong's office.

Although his getup was clever and a tad dirty, he didn't take home the grand prize. That, instead, went to Rupert Juarez's "Go Green! Organic Hair Plug Substitute!" hat creation (right). Look at how cute those birds are! Check out more cuckoo hats and environmentally friendly costumes at our House Blog Album.

In the pumpkin decorating team contest, Rep. Ryan Yamane's office's penguin out waddled the rest (left).

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from the Hawaii House Blog Team and the Hawaii House of Representatives! Enjoy your treats and have a safe weekend.

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